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Discharge a new establishment

If you know an establishment which offers services for celiacs, let us know from here.

Bares, Tapas y Cafeterías sin gluten para celiacos en Zaragoza

Bar Travesía
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Travesía Juan Navarro, 7 - 50500 - Tarazona (Zaragoza)
The owner's wife is celiac and she is the cooker. There are tapas portions, snacks, and gluten-free beer. Menu for celiacs.
 Bocatería The Boss
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Avda. Goya, 16 - 50006 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Varied sandwiches and gluten-free bread and beer during all year long.
 La Jaula de Grillos
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Calle Juan Bruil 19 - 50001 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Todo lo que ofrecen es sin gluten, no hay contaminación cruzada. Pizzas, bocadillos, raciones, postres, croquetas, etc... todo casero. Tienen también opción sin lactosa, sin proteina de la leche y para veganos.
New Corner
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Paseo Longares, 32 - 50014 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Bar in Zaragoza where you can find a wide variety of gluten free sandwiches.
 Bar Tosos
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Avda. Cesar Augusto, 40 - 50004 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Tapas, montaditos y cerveza. También a diario disponen de varios platos en el menú. Los fines de semana se prepara comida casera por encargo. Todo ello apto para celiacos.
 Café La Palma
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Avda. Goya, 50 - 50006 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Gluten-free beer and dinners for order. This establishment has received formation and information of the Association of Celiacs from Aragón.
 Canterbury Tavern Salamero
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Avda. Cesar Augusto, 30 - 50004 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
They dispose gluten-free beer.
605.846.661 - 876.704.525
Beer Corner
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Calle del Heroísmo, 2, - 50002 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Toda clase de cervezas sin gluten
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Paseo del Botánico, 3 - 50018 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Infant playground for celebration of parties and birthdays. They have some menus. Consult when booking.
 Bar La Antilla (Parque)
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Alfonso X El Sabio, edificio Rubi, - 50006 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Una amplia variedad de bocadillos sin gluten
Bar La Antilla (Aragonia)
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Avda. Gomer Laguna 25 - 50009 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Both the menu which is manu in a special way for celiacs, we have a wide menu of sandwiches, desserts and drinks. Special meals can be made on request as well.
 Di Luca Cafe
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Avda. Juan Carlos I, 45-47 local 5 - 50009 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
They provide of gluten-free beer. This establishment has received formation and information of the Association of Celiacs from Aragón.
Bar Hermanos Teresa
( Bar-Cafetería )
  1 Comentarios
General Ricardos, 11-13 - 50013 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Bar of innovate tapas where we can find them for the celiacs also, ask advice. We have edited recently the new carte, where those suitable specialities for celiac people are marked with the sign "gluten-free"
El Limpia
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Calle Cuatro de Agosto, 17 - 50003 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Bar situado en el Tubo de Zaragoza, de tapas y raciones. Han recibido formación de la Asociación de celiacos de Aragón. Tienen tanto cerveza sin gluten como distintas tapas y raciones sin gluten. Buena variedad.
Cafetería-Chocolatería VALOR
( Bar-Cafetería )
  7 Comentarios
Plaza Sas, 7 - 50003 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Gluten-free cholates to cup and bakery.
Bar La Antilla (Centro)
( Bar-Cafetería )
  6 Comentarios
Hernando de Aragón, s/n - 50001 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
They have beer, sandwiches, toasts and salads.
Bar Café de los Poetas
( Bar-Cafetería )
  1 Comentarios
Jorge Guillén, 21 - 50018 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Sandwiches and tapas bar where we can have several types of gluten-free sandwiches.
976.046.569 - 635.410.653
Castrobar Vermutería
( Bar-Cafetería )
  1 Comentarios
Calle de Minas, 19 - 50013 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Es una vermutería en la que hay tapas sin gluten, así como vermuts y cervezas sin gluten. La especialidad de la casa se llama Papillon y lleva una salsa libre de gluten
El Viejo Negroni
( Bar-Cafetería )
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Calle Sta. Cruz, 13-15 - 50003 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Disponen de diversas opciones sin gluten, tanto en tapas como en raciones.
This distinctive identifies restaurants which have an agreement of colaboration with the provincial or national associations of celiacs and they have received training provided by the Association, to which all staff should attend: purchasing manager, chef, chefs, assistants , room managers and waiters
Note: The information we supply is indicative, we try to be as much as possible updated contrasting the data with ultimate responsibility. However, we recommend that before you go to ensure contacting the property directly,because maybe he could have made some changes in its service.
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